DJ Dan Utica

I've always believes that dreams come in many shapes and forms: my dream happens to take place with DJ Turn Tables. I absolutely enjoy DJ'ing and love the level of energy and happiness it brings my clients. I have never had a more satisfying profession. I take high privilege in the level of customer service that I provide to all clients and friends. 

My key to success is meeting with my clients in advance and formulating a game plan. This includes building a profile of music based on my client's style of music and also taking open request during events. 

Modesto, CA, USA

I have been Dj'ing for 10 years and am still finding new creative and innovative ways to bring my crowd some excitement. I enjoy using my MC skills  and bringing tons of fun dj lighting to the environment. Even though I have DJ over a over hundreds of weddings, I treat every wedding as it is my first event and always set high expectation for myself.  This includes mixing live, conducting myself professionally with MC skills and of course looking sharp.